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Icon PIR Sounder


Welcome to Wolf Outdoors!

Introducing our cutting-edge ICON PIR Remote Sounder, a powerful tool designed to keep you safe and alert during your outdoor adventures. When paired with the ICON PIR alarm, it becomes your ultimate guardian, ensuring that you are never caught off guard by strangers or animals approaching unnoticed, day or night.

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Our ICON PIR Remote Sounder boasts a range of advanced features to provide you with maximum security and convenience. The High Visibility LED offers a spectrum of colors, including Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, or White, providing clear indications for different scenarios.

With 6 available channels, you have the flexibility to customize and configure your system according to your preferences. The Mylar Speaker delivers clear and loud sound signals, ensuring you never miss an alert.

Pairing and saving channels is a breeze with our simple and intuitive interface. The On/Off Power Button allows you to control the device with ease, conserving battery life when not in use. Adjust the volume to your desired level, and stay informed about radio signal strength to maintain optimal performance.

Tone Replication ensures that each signal is accurately conveyed, providing you with reliable information about potential threats. The Bivvy Light Link feature enhances your camping experience by synchronizing with compatible lighting systems.

Never worry about battery levels with our Battery Level Indication, which keeps you informed at all times. Activate the Global Mute Button for situations where silence is critical, and enjoy the added benefit of the Rumble Alert for discreet vibrations.

Designed for the outdoors, our ICON PIR Remote Sounder features water-resistant electronics, safeguarding it against unexpected weather conditions. Its Extra Long Battery Life ensures that you can count on it for extended trips.

Experience unmatched performance with an Extreme Transmit/Receive Range of up to 1Km, providing you with ample coverage in vast wilderness areas. For easy carrying and accessibility, utilize the Lanyard Fixing Point.

Protect your investment with our optional Tech Case, keeping your device safe from impacts and environmental elements. For your peace of mind, we offer a 2-Year Warranty, with an additional 3rd Year FREE upon registration.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor experience with the Wolf Outdoors ICON PIR Remote Sounder. Safety, convenience, and peace of mind are now at your fingertips. Explore the wilderness with confidence, knowing that you have the most reliable outdoor alarm system by your side.

The Wolf ICON PIR Remote Sounder is paired with the ICON PIR alarm and indicates a direct sound signal and the LED flashes if a stranger or an animal should approach unnoticed day or night.

Tech Spec



  • Weight: 111g
  • Length: 4″
  • Width: 2.5″
  • Depth: 1″
  • The Wolf ICON PIR Remote Sounder is paired with the ICON PIR alarm and indicates a direct sound signal and the LED flashes if a stranger or an animal should approach unnoticed day or night.
  • Indicator / Channel LED’s
  • High Visibility LED Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta or White
  • 6 Channels-
  • Mylar Speaker
  • Pairing / Saving Channels
  • On/Off Power Button
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Radio Signal Strength
  • Tone Replication
  • Bivvy Light Link
  • Battery Level Indication
  • Global Mute Button
  • Rumble Alert
  • Water Resistant Electronics
  • Extra Long Battery life
  • Extreme Transmit/Receive Range 1Km
  • Lanyard Fixing Point
  • Tech Case available
  • Warranty 2 Years with 3rd Year FREE on registration.

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