VAPair Chilla Fan


VAPAIR CHILLA FAN: Your Ultimate Cooling Solution for Outdoor Adventures
Stay cool and comfortable no matter where your outdoor adventures take you with the VAPAIR CHILLA FAN. This innovative personal air conditioning unit is perfect for campervans, providing an effective and portable cooling solution that’s essential for your next road trip or camping excursion. With a sleek design and powerful features, the VAPAIR CHILLA FAN ensures you beat the heat with ease and style.

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The VAPAIR CHILLA FAN is engineered for those who love the great outdoors and need reliable cooling on the go. Perfect for campervans, this unit combines efficiency, portability, and versatility, making it an essential companion for all your outdoor activities. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or road-tripping, the VAPAIR CHILLA FAN keeps you cool and comfortable, ensuring you enjoy every moment of your adventure.

Product Code: WFPT031

Embrace the ultimate in portable cooling solutions with the VAPAIR CHILLA FAN. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and make every outdoor experience a breeze. Order yours today and transform your campervan into a haven of comfort!

Key Features
Efficient Cooling Power
Portable and Compact: Ideal for camper vans and outdoor activities, the VAPAIR CHILLA FAN is designed to be easily carried and conveniently stored.
600ml Water Tank: Large capacity for continuous misting to keep you cool for longer periods.
Adjustable Fan Position: Customize the airflow direction to suit your needs.
Versatile and User-Friendly
5 Spray Settings: Choose from multiple misting options to achieve the perfect level of cooling.
7 Color LED Lights: Add a touch of ambiance to your campervan or campsite with customizable LED lighting.
Leather Handle Design: Stylish and practical for easy portability.
Energy Efficient and Quiet
Super Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment without disruptive noise.
Energy Saving: Low power consumption makes it perfect for long-term use in outdoor settings.
USB Type-C Power Source: Convenient and versatile charging options with a standard USB Type-C connection.
Convenient Features
1/2/3 Hour Timer: Set the cooling duration according to your preference.
Blowing Distance: Effective cooling up to 2.5 meters, ensuring a comfortable environment.
Power: 10W
Power Source: USB Type-C
Power Type: DC
Voltage: 5V
Product Size: 21cm x 9cm x 26cm
Weight: 738g (Without Water)
Plug Type: Type-C USB Plug
Electric Current: 2A Max
Volume of Mist: 220ml/h
Max Time of Mist: About 2.5h – 12h