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Introducing the Wolf Ceramic Outdoor Mug with Cork Base and Removable Lid

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with our Wolf Ceramic Outdoor Mug. Crafted with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, this rugged and durable mug is designed to accompany you on all your adventures, whether it’s camping, hiking, or simply enjoying a cup of joe in your backyard.

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Premium Ceramic Construction: Made from high-quality ceramic, our Wolf Outdoor Mug ensures excellent heat retention while providing a smooth sipping experience. It’s also easy to clean and resistant to stains, ensuring long-lasting use.

Wolf Design: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our captivating wolf design. Each mug showcases a stunning illustration of a majestic wolf, evoking a sense of wildness and adventure.

Cork Base: The mug’s base is outfitted with a cork lining, serving as a natural insulator that helps keep your beverage hot while protecting your hands from the heat. The cork also adds a touch of elegance and stability, preventing slippage on various surfaces.

Removable Lid: Say goodbye to spills and leaks with the convenient removable lid. It not only prevents your drink from splashing out but also helps retain heat, ensuring that your favourite beverage stays hot for longer.

Comfortable Handle: The mug features a sturdy handle, ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip. Whether you’re sipping on hot coffee or enjoying a soothing herbal tea, the handle allows for effortless handling and prevents accidental slips.

Versatile Use: This Wolf Ceramic Outdoor Mug is suitable for various occasions. Take it on your camping trips, picnics, or use it as your go-to mug at home or in the office.

Perfect Gift: Searching for a gift for the nature lover or adventurer in your life? Look no further! Our Wolf Ceramic Outdoor Mug is an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Its unique design and practical features will impress even the most discerning recipients.

Upgrade your outdoor beverage experience with the Wolf Ceramic Outdoor Mug with Cork Base and Removable Lid. Embrace the untamed spirit of the wolf while enjoying your favourite drinks in style. Order yours today and embark on your next adventure with a touch of wilderness.

Please note that the Wolf Mug is not suitable for dishwashers.

Tech Spec


  • Splash proof lip with sliding cover
  • Comfortable handle
  • Capacity 15 fluid ounces
  • Cork base
  • Ceramic