Introducing the Wolf Outdoors LPB-260 Bivvi Light and Powerbank – Your Ultimate Adventure Companion!

Get ready to illuminate your outdoor adventures like never before with the Wolf Outdoors LPB-260 Bivvi Light and Powerbank. This rugged and versatile device is designed to meet all your lighting and power needs, ensuring you stay connected and well-equipped throughout your journeys.

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Powerful and Efficient: The LPB-260 boasts a high-capacity powerbank that keeps your essential devices charged up and ready to go. With its durable and lightweight aluminium alloy construction, this powerbank is built to withstand the harshest conditions, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Power Status Indicators: Stay informed about your power levels at all times with the four indicators that display the power status. Never get caught off-guard with a low battery again – be in full control of your powerbank’s capacity and plan your adventures accordingly.

Versatile Illumination: Equipped with a total of 10 white LEDs and 4 red LEDs, the LPB-260 offers you multiple lighting options for various situations. The 10 white LEDs provide a bright and reliable source of light for your campsite, trail, or any nighttime exploration. The 4 red LEDs, on the other hand, offer a more discreet and night-vision-friendly option, ensuring you can navigate without disturbing the natural ambiance around you.

Green LED Indicator: The LPB-260 features a green LED indicator, which helps you quickly locate and identify the powerbank in low-light conditions. This smart feature ensures you can always find your gear easily, saving you precious time and effort during your adventures.

Long-Distance Torch: Unleash the power of the LPB-260’s 30-meter long-distance torch, illuminating the path ahead with clarity and precision. Whether you’re hiking through dense forests or exploring unfamiliar terrain, this reliable torch is your guiding light, enhancing safety and confidence every step of the way.

The Wolf Outdoors LPB-260 Bivvi Light and Powerbank are your ultimate outdoor companion. Experience the convenience of a reliable power source, versatile illumination options, and a sturdy, durable design – all in one sleek and efficient package. Gear up for your next adventure and trust Wolf Outdoors to light up your world!

Tech Spec


  • Weight of light: 114g
  • Weight of magnet: 53g
  • Length of light: 5.25″
  • Length of magnet: 5.25″
  • Diameter of light: 1.5″
  • Width of magnet: 1″
  • 4 blue indicators showing power status
  • 10 white LED’s and 4 red LED’s
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • LED colour: Green
  • Beacon feature with white light strobe red-light strobe or white and red light
  • USB output and micro input
  • 30-metre-long distance torch
  • Comes complete with user manual, charging case and magnet plate