HL-1300 Headlight


Introducing the Wolf Outdoors HL-1300 Headlight: Illuminate Your Path with Unmatched Brilliance

Unleash the power of light with the Wolf Outdoors HL-1300 Headlight – a beacon of brilliance that takes your outdoor adventures to the next level. With an astonishing 1300 lumens of intense illumination, this headlight is your ultimate tool for lighting up even the darkest corners at impressive distances.

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Key Features:

Exceptional Power and Distance: Equip yourself with the HL-1300 and experience the magic of its powerful beam that reaches incredible distances. Say goodbye to dimly lit trails and welcome a world of clarity and vision.

High Power Type-C USB Rechargeability: Embrace convenience like never before. Our headlight boasts a high-power Type-C USB port for seamless recharging, ensuring you’re always ready for action. No more fussing with disposable batteries – just recharge and go!

Two OSRAM P9 LEDs and 1300 Lumens: Witness the combined brilliance of two advanced OSRAM P9 LEDs, delivering an impressive 1300 lumens of light output. Say farewell to uncertainty and hello to a world illuminated with absolute precision.

Premium Craftsmanship: The HL-1300 features an aluminum reflector that enhances light dispersion, while its aluminum, ABS, and TPR base guarantee durability for all your rugged adventures. It’s built to withstand the challenges of the outdoors.

Adjustable Comfort: With an adjustable head strap, your comfort is prioritized. Fit the headlight securely and find the perfect angle to light up your path without distraction.

Versatile Functionality: Enjoy effortless control with the HL-1300’s intuitive functions. A single press offers High-Med-Low settings, while a quick double press activates the strobe mode. Hold for three seconds to activate the right single LED. Navigate through functions seamlessly, with a single press for left LED activation and another press to power off.

Long-lasting Power: The included 16650 Lithium Battery ensures a robust working time of 4–5 hours, giving you extended periods of exploration. Plus, the built-in charging indicator shifts from red to blue when fully charged, so you’re always in the know.

Complete Package: We’ve thought of everything – the HL-1300 comes with an EVA case for safe storage, a Type C USB cable for quick and efficient recharging, and weighs a mere 90 grams for lightweight portability.

Illuminate your adventures and banish darkness with the Wolf Outdoors HL-1300 Headlight. Elevate your outdoor experience, explore with confidence, and make every journey unforgettable. Don’t miss out – order your HL-1300 today and light the way to extraordinary adventures!

Tech Spec


  • This powerful 1300 lumens headlight is ideal for illuminating at long distances with its powerful beam.
  • High Power type-C USB.
  • Rechargeable LED headlamp.
  • 2 pc OSRAM P9 LED & 1300 Lumens.
  • Aluminium Reflector.
  • Aluminium, ABS & TPR base.
  • Adjustable head strap.
  • Function – Single press: Main light, High-Med-Low.
  • Quick twice press: Strobe. Hold for 3 seconds: Right Single.
  • LED On, Press for next function: Left – Single LED On, Press Again: Off
  • 16650 Lithium Battery.
  • Working time 4–5 hours.
  • EVA Case included.
  • Recharge time 4-5 hours.
  • Type C USB cable included.
  • Weight 90gram.
  • Charging indicator – Red / Fully charged – Blue.