Camo Pack Bits Case


Introducing our molded EVA storage case with dividers, the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your small camping products. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a backpacker, or a weekend camper, this durable and versatile case is designed to keep your gear safe, secure, and easily accessible.

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Our storage case is made from high-quality EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) material, which provides excellent shock absorption and impact resistance. It effectively safeguards your camping essentials from bumps, drops, and other mishaps, ensuring they remain in pristine condition throughout your adventures.

The case features a customizable interior with dividers, allowing you to create personalized compartments to accommodate your specific camping gear. Whether it’s camping stoves, portable lanterns, knives, camping cookware, compasses, or any other small camping products, the dividers can be rearranged to fit your items snugly and prevent them from shifting during transport.

With a sturdy zipper closure, the case securely seals your gear inside, providing additional protection against dust, dirt, and moisture. The zipper is designed to be smooth and easy to operate, ensuring quick access to your camping essentials when you need them.

The compact and lightweight design of our molded EVA storage case makes it highly portable and convenient to carry. It can be effortlessly packed into your backpack, duffle bag, or car boot, without taking up much space.

In addition to its functionality, our storage case also boasts a sleek and professional appearance. The stylish exterior, available in our black Camo, gives it a modern and sophisticated look, making it suitable for both outdoor excursions and professional settings.

Invest in our molded EVA storage case with dividers to streamline your camping experience and keep your small camping products organized and protected. With its robust construction, customizable interior, and portable design, this storage case is a must-have for any camping enthusiast. Explore the great outdoors with confidence, knowing your gear is in capable hands.

Tech Spec


  • Weight: 359g
  • Height: 6.5″
  • Length: 10″
  • Depth: 4″
  • Lightweight portability with the protection of a hard case mode from EVA
  • Soft touch camo fabric cover with zip closure. A mesh pocket insert in the lid creates extra space to keep more of your important kit
  • High-engineered design provides security against impact, dust, sun, moisture and other environmental stresses